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  • Brightcove, online video platform

    Brightcove, online video platform

    BSVP On-Site: Bruce Himmelblau with BSVP On-Site, at the Brightcove booth here at NAB 2019 talking with Lexi. Brightcove isn’t well-known across the entire universe, yet. But you’re well-known in some industries. What is the best use for Brightcove? Brightcove: Brightcove is a traditional OVP, an online video platform, and… Continue reading

  • Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

    Since everything’s going mobile, We’re going to approach this presentation from the perspective of video marketing on mobile devices. Show and tell. This is really all you need to do video these days. Either Android or iPhone. This is what you can use. This is what I use, this gives… Continue reading

  • Evolution of social media

    Evolution of social media I just finished watching a short course by “Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship” on Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship In the section, “Evolution of Social Media” he says “I think that the next evolution of social’s gonna be more and more video and more and more visual. That’s… Continue reading


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