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  • Super Service

    https://www.bsvp.com/live BSVP On-Site: Biz – Val & Jeff Gee, authors of “Super Service”, “The Winner’s Attitude” and more, talk about the keys to delivering great customer service… even when you don’t feel like it and even when they don’t deserve it! Getting referrals and using Zoom to get more work.

  • How to Build Your Personal Brand

    BSVP On-Site: Biz – Building Your Personal Brand – Interview with Sonia Figueroa, real estate expert on how she is using social media to build her personal brand and get new clients. https://www.seesonia.com/

  • Inside Lake Forest / Lake Bluff Chamber

    BSVP On-Site: Biz – Inside the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce. Helping small businesses as the ultimate resource with advice on marketing, networking and more. The chamber hosts a wide range of monthly networking events for their members, including Chamber luncheons with featured speakers, B4Work bi-monthly morning networking meeting,… Continue reading

  • Inside the Wilmette/Kenilworth Chamber

    BSVP On-Site: Biz – Inside the Wilmette/Kenilworth Chamber Are you a growing small business? Get crucial ideas on opportunities and be ready to grow even more in the months ahead. Interview with Julie Yusim, Executive Director, Wilmette/Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce and Anne Kelly, A.S.K. Marketing Group, on how they create… Continue reading

  • Inside the GLMV Chamber

    BSVP On-Site: Biz – Inside Your Local Chamber Inside the GLMV Chamber BSVP ON-SITE: BIZ talks with GLMV Chamber of Commerce President, Scott Adams and PR/Marketing Director, Carol Levin about how their chamber assists small businesses to help them get connected, improve marketing, stay updated with their community and more…. Continue reading

  • Hashtag Marketing for Business

    How to use hashtags to increase search and discovery with Hashtag social media marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for information or promoting your business, hashtags can help you find what you or your prospects are looking for. Presentation for the GLMV Chamber Business and Marketing Roundtable meeting by Bruce Himmelblau,… Continue reading

  • How Testimonial Videos Close Sales

    Video Testimonials: How to Get Your Customers to Sell For You. When you have a customer who lets you know how great your product or service is, capture it on video. Written testimonials on Google Plus or on Yelp are helpful, but because they are written, the reader can’t see… Continue reading

  • B.A.D. Business Live – Time Management – Important and Urgent

    B.A.D. Business Live Ep. 10 Time Management – Important and Urgent & Dave Verbeten (Peak Performance Action Coach) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 (B.A.D. stands for Bruce And Dave)

  • The Value of Getting a Business Coach

    B.A.D. Business Live Ep. 7 The Value of Getting a Business Coach w/ Bruce Himmelblau (BSVPtv) & Dave Verbeten (Peak Performance Action Coach) (B.A.D. stands for Bruce And Dave)


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