Top 3 Videos All Businesses Need

We switched our entire model into live streaming from 2020-2023. We able to connect with the people across the world. We produce a show where the host is in New York the co-host is in Ohio, I’m here in Chicago area and then we broadcast worldwide. Is your audience local or is it national or is it International? Video can accomplish all three of those processes. What I’m going talk about today it is the three videos that every business needs, today. You can actually start these videos today with your iPhone. You can bring in clients. You can talk to people. The number one type of video is the Explainer Video. This is the type of video that you put on your website this is the type of video that explains why you do what you do what you do and how you do it and so when they come to your website when they Google you this is a video that you put all your keywords in this is the video that’s designed for SEO.

We did a whole series of videos for this one law firm. They actually did videos on each individual lawyer. So when you go to their website you can see the main video which is an overall arcing video of the firm. But then you can also click on each individual lawyer and see who they are and what their practice is. The advantage of having a video like this on your website is Google will give you a higher ranking in the search engine with a video than with a static textural website. So if you have all the content, you have all the words, but then add a video to that, your video will rank higher. And not only that, but more people will stay and watch that video. So you get what’s called a lower bounce rate. Because what what someone does is, they do a Google search, they go to your site, they don’t see what they’re looking for, they go to another website. With with the YouTube you can actually put those keywords in the text of the video. You can put it in the transcription of the video. YouTube can will actually recognize videos images now, but also they will recognize the transcription. So if you have a video that uses strange words such as medical words or anything like that, go back into that video and correct those misspellings. After about 15 years YouTube has now spelled “Himmelblau” correctly. Which is amazed. But I use it in enough of my videos and the YouTube says “Okay this guy is’s talking about who he is and it’s on this YouTube channel that’s the name he’s been saying.” The auto transcription on YouTube is about 85% correct. So if you actually want read some of the AI generated text you make get a laugh out of it. And this is a client we were doing a video for him and he was trying to sell a client on this one of his new installations and he was going back and forth. He was meeting with him several times over several months and the client didn’t quite understand what the concept was, what the savings were. So we actually went into a restaurant which is one of the locations he was trying to get into with all the franchises. We actually talked to the owner there and he did a video on the process. We actually showed an installation of the lighting system and he sent it to that one client. The client watched the video in within 10 minutes call him back and closed the deal. It was like a 10x ROI on that one video. 

Zappos is great at utilizing videos. They have their company culture of who they are. So if you want to get a job with Zappos, you can watch some of these videos to see what the culture is like with the company. But also with their shoes and their handbags and everything else that they sell. Every product pretty much has a video. When they show those videos with the product it increases sales of every single product between 3% and 35%. And they do like hundreds of these videos a week. So if you ever go to Zappos to look for a pair of shoes, you can order online you really can’t feel it you can’t really can’t see it but through that video you have a feel of who who it is plus they offer free returns so if it doesn’t fit  number two testimonial videos we use this most besides our Sizzle wheel but with testimonial videos one of our biggest chair leaders anybody knows who George Skewers is we did a video actually six videos for him where we went out to his clients and they all did testimonials on what he was able to provide and how he was able to get the deals that they were looking for he had one client he was trying to close and it was a multi-million dollar client and he was trying to get financing and when when they watched George’s videos they were able to see that he understood technology as well as getting the deals done and so he actually closed multiple Million Dollar Deals utilizing these videos the woman in was in the center there name is Kim Garst she has a  social media presence she’s out down Tampa Florida she was coming up to Chicago to do a for day conference and she was looking for a videographer and she called around she actually one of the calls was to me directly and we talked for a few minutes and she just took down my information and then kept going and then she called a couple  few more people and they refer them back to me so they hired me and then within 3 months they went to do some more videos so they flew me down to to Tampa where we  did some more videos for her to help promote her business and that’s where I recorded  that testimonial and then when we do  these small business videos  after we’re done and this is a great advice for you as well when the client is finished with a product you delivered it they’re all happy and you’re at that key Point pull out your iPhone ask them to say a few words about what you did for them and how it worked out there there’s your testimonial video and the key there is just hold your phone horizontally as opposed to vertically unless  because horizontal is for YouTube vertical is for stories okay do both you should get permission though to be able to utilize it if you want to utilize it well basically if they’re on camera talking to them to you KS her name and then tell them you’re can use it for your your website or for social media and if they’re on camera you can’t you can have sign something legal especially if you’re a bank but but if you’re a small business the fact that you’re pointing a camera at them they’re talking to you they pretty much know it’s going to be going somewhere but yeah you can have you can do a little preface like “Hi, I like to use this on my website” or “I’d like to use my Facebook page.” We like we used like to say a few words and record all that while you’re doing it you can always have that out later so the a verbal reference  one of my favorite sayings is if you say it it’s bragging if your client says it it’s a testimonial and the third is facts FAQ, frequently asked questions. if you’re spending more than five minutes on a phone call I answering the same question over and over again create a fax page on your website so it’s written out and then even better create a video to go along with it so if it’s a process if it’s instruction Tesla actually has put their entire owner’s manual for every single car in video so when you’re in the car if you’ve got a question you can actually watch a video on how to do that like how I turn the wipers on it and so you get also Amazon is  get your account started we have Windows meet to Windows 11 so again they have all these videos on their website and and through their YouTube channel that keep gives you instructions on how to do things and  and Shopify is great  and how to start your account and so if you have any information about who you are and again if it’s a long process create a video out of it and so here are some examples U once against Shopify and Tesla and iPhone so again you’ve got all all these videos not only do you have third parties across the across YouTube doing these videos but you also have the official videos coming from the company itself because you have also have more control over the videos that you do yourself so if you are a Tesla or or a large firm that other people are doing reviews about those are great but you have no control over what they say here is you have more control and again the three types are Explainer Videos the Testimonial Videos and Frequently Asked Questions. And again I am Bruce Himmelblau from Blue Sky Video.