Video Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Since everything’s going mobile, We’re going to approach this presentation from the perspective of video marketing on mobile devices.

Show and tell. This is really all you need to do video these days. Either Android or iPhone. This is what you can use. This is what I use, this gives you a really nice picture. And if you’re in business, you want to portray yourself as a professional. People are doing their videos with the iPhone. Instagram Live and Facebook live and then Kevin joked about Twitter live there actually is a Twitter live. We all watch live video of the news or sports but are you talking back to the commentators? Well yes you are but they can’t hear you. So with a live video connection, When you’re talking back they can hear you. You can type in a question and they will respond to you in real time. And that’s the value of live video. And you have that. You are now all your own TV station. All you need is the audience. And that’s where the community comes in. That you start your community here, in real life, IRL

Whenever you do a presentation whenever you do anything of importance, share it. Be on Twitter. Be on Instagram Be on Snapchat. Because even though you personally may not know about all the stuff, your clients… and again fifty percent of your clients are now under 30. And they’re on these platforms. So if you’re not on these platforms like with George, I tweeted out like “Great presentation” and I showed a short video of what he was doing. But are you on Twitter? No. See, if he were on Twitter I would tag him on Twitter. Then people would click on that link taken to his Twitter feed, and engage with him. Because okay “I’m buying a business. I need more information. How do I contact him?” Through Twitter, through Instagram, through Facebook and again the fact that video is tied into all those platforms.

Video is also tied into LinkedIn through YouTube. And if you’re not on YouTube, you’re missing a lot of information. Even if you’re not creating content for YouTube there are, what, 1.6 billion people who access YouTube. And they’re not all cat videos. And again that’s the difference between YouTube and Facebook and Twitter. With YouTube a video can actually stay up there and be active and important for in 5 to 7 years, and in many case, longer. If you can google owns YouTube, so when you Google stuff and the video shows up 9 out of 10 times it’s It will going to be a YouTube video. If you remember AOL Most people don’t even know there was internet beyond AOL and that’s what Facebook is building. Facebook is building an ecosystem where you go into Facebook and everything you need and want is in Facebook and if you want to watch a YouTube video there are no YouTube videos on Facebook and if there are there a little little postage stamp image that shows up with a whole bunch of texts so it’s not pretty.

So, when you’re doing videos on Facebook you want to post that video directly to Facebook. Because in that it will actually go show full screen. Sometimes they’ll start auto playing if you have any subtitles because most people will watch a Facebook video without the sound.

You create the video you post it in your timeline. The timeline of the life of a Facebook post is maybe six hours and then goes down. You can pin it to the top of your profile and then when everybody anyone comes to your Facebook page or your Facebook profile it’s pinned to the top so after you so you post three, four, five, six, seven things that’s still on top. There is a function there also there says posts and other one says video so if you click on the video you can see the list of videos that they’ve posted. Most people aren’t posting a lot of videos so it’s a short list. So if you know who your friend is then you can click on the video button scroll through his short list of videos choose that one video and then share that one video out.

Actually what I wanted to talk about was testimonial videos. How to get testimonial videos. So in addition to just having a talking head I’ve got what’s called b-roll or action shots. I’ve got people in action so you’re showing is that all telling what you’re doing it’s also showing their interaction and for a business. But if you go to your clients, your clients have real life stuff to do…and then always have a call to action.

Producer/Host: Bruce Himmelblau