How Testimonial Videos Close Sales

Video Testimonials: How to Get Your Customers to Sell For You.

When you have a customer who lets you know how great your product or service is, capture it on video. Written testimonials on Google Plus or on Yelp are helpful, but because they are written, the reader can’t see the full emotion or hear the voice of the person who wrote it.

People do business with those that they Know, Like and Trust.

George Skweres, Affinity Financial use testimonial videos to close the largest deal in the history of business.

Asking for testimonials is really pretty simple. Getting a testimonial can come from a variety of different ways, Written, LinkedIn, Video. Bonnie Richtman, of Peak Performance Action Coach has written testimonials that they use. They post them on LinkedIn and other sites. They also put them in the invitations to some of their seminars. They also post their video testimonials. The videos are really, really compelling because they are very easy to watch. They’re short and sweet. The videos deliver tonal inflections, tears, sometimes, of gratitude and happiness and they’re easy to send to people. They can take a quick look at them and, once again, their very compelling.