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Evolution of social media

I just finished watching a short course by “Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship” on Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship

In the section, “Evolution of Social Media” he says “I think that the next evolution of social’s gonna be more and more video and more and more visual. That’s it’s gonna be less and less text. And that’s why I’m chief evangelist of Canva, because I believe in graphics. So I think it’s all about visual marketing.”

As Producer & Chief Video Strategist at Blue Sky Video Productions, we work with clients using video platforms. While YouTube is the big boy in the field, Facebook & Instagram are close contenders. Filling out the field is Twitter (did you know that you can post video natively to Twitter?) and Vine. And in the live streaming from your mobile device arena are relative new comers Meerkat and Periscope. These platform are quickly allowing all of us to be citizen journalists, capturing events as they happen & streaming it to the world. Just a few weeks ago, I was contacted by two network TV stations and the online division of a Chicago Newspaper to use a video that I shot at our local Lake Bluff 4th of July Parade. The major news outlets can’t be everywhere, but there are people who are interested in what happening in your community or your business. Whether it’s at the opening of a business or the release of a new product, you can share it with your social network. To gain more followers, in addition to posting engaging content that will give people a reason to follow you on your social platforms, Guy says “always embed a video or attach a picture to every post. It’ll double engagement. Very important.”

How are you using video to grow your business? What is your favorite social networks? Leave your comments.

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