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Full replay of Blab.im video recording about how small businesses look at video and what goes into producing content to market small business.

Show Notes listed below

Featuring Bruce Himmelblau @bsvpTV & JS Gilbert @gilbertism





Gail Turner Brown @SmallBizShowTV

Robert Allen @idomedia

Lori Mowers @lorimowers

Vickie Sceifers @editVDO

Robert C Stern @RobertCStern

Show Notes

00:00 Getting started in video – Bruce Himmelblau, JS Gilbert, Gail Turner Brown

20:13 In camera editing – Bruce Himmelblau, JS Gilbert, Gail Turner Brown, Robert Allen

25:13 How small is Small Business?

28:39 The DIY mentality – Bruce Himmelblau, JS Gilbert, Gail Turner Brown, Robert Allen

35:25 What do you say to a business that wants a “viral video”? Bruce Himmelblau, Gail Turner Brown, Robert Allen, Vickie Sceifers

47:03 What are the benefits of hiring a professional video company

47:58 ThruMyEyes.org -The mission of Thru My Eyes is to give individuals living with a life-threatening illness the ability to create a living legacy with the help of a trained mental healthprofessional, in the privacy of their own home at no cost. – Robert Allen

52:55 Setting up at SocialBoom15 – Bruce Himmelblau, JS Gilbert, Vickie Scheifers

1:08:11 DIY video for businesses, Revisited

1:27:10 What is a “real” video camera? Bruce Himmelblau, JS Gilbert, Vickie Scheifers, RobertCStern

1:33:49 What would you look for when hiring a video company that are not experts in your industry?

1:41:00 You can’t always fix it in post.

1:46:15 Communication between the business & the video company

1:49:45 Basic video equipment for small business.

2:03:24 Can you catch a virus on Blab?

2:07:39 Discussion on 4K

2:14:40 Geeking out on compression codecs

2:15:30 Wrap up

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