Thunderbolt 3 Dock for all connection needs

Sue Lawson at NAB 2017 at the OWC Digital booth. The Thunderbolt 3 Dock awarded Best of Show.

A single cable connects the Thunderbolt 3 to 13 ports.  Plus it also charges your computer. So when you’re on the road and you come home, just plug in. One cable charges that laptop plus connects you to your world.

Everything You Need for Daily Workflow

It’s got firewire 800, digital audio out, standard audio out. It has the SDHD card reader so you can read that media from all those different cameras and such. We got a bunch of USB Type-A ports. We have a mini DisplayPort so you can connect display port, HDMI or DVI that’s all supported through it. That’s there so it’s one simple cable that gives you everything you need for your your daily workflow. One last thing I’ll add is on the USB there’s five USB ports, four in the back one on the front.

Multiple USB controllers

There’s also multiple USB controllers so the performance of those ports is maximum. We’ve heard about other docks after we put our dock out there so why wouldn’t you use multiple controllers. This thing is built for high performance and of course high connectivity.
So whatever you’re gonna connect to it can handle it and it’s again the convenience and frankly it gives you all the ports at Apple took away anyway.

There’s a lot of legacy things out there that I still have to connect to.

Plug In and Go

You don’t have to have 20 different dongles you just plug your dock in and go. And again it’s not just you’re adding all those ports that you do need, that you do have devices for.

As far as the form is concerned, it’s gorgeous it’s lightweight. I can easily throw this in a computer bag, Pelican bag or whatever bag it is that you have. It is definitely the dock to have.

Our Thunderbolt 2 dock is you know we continue to offer that. That has maintained the title best Thunderbolt dock now period. And that still remains great dock for 2011 to even 2016 people were using with Apple’s adapter. The Thunderbolt 3 dock takes that to the next level and we expect that to hold that title in the Thunderbolt 3 space for a long time to come.

It is available from OWCdigital,com for $299

Thunderbolt 3 dock
OWC USB-C dock


Producer: Bruce Himmelblau
Host: Sue Lawson
Guest: Larry O’Connor, OWC Digital /MacSales