How to Change Your Username on Tumblr

This was one of my most popular videos in 2016 and 2017. It is still relevant for 2018.

If you’re on Tumblr, the Username you sign up with may not reflect your current posts.
So, the need to change it becomes important.
However, I have found that the Tumblr app on the iPhone and Android, doesn’t have a direct option to change the username.

Here is a quick and easy video on How to Change Your Username on Tumblr.


Here’s the old way via mobile browser

How to change your Tumblr username on a mobile device next on BSVP On-Site
Hi, this is Bruce with BSVP On-Site
The secret is changing your Tumblr Username on a mobile device is that you have to go through your favorite browser. Either Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other browser and not the app itself. In this video we can give you two ways to change your username.

First is the direct method So first go to and login.
That will take you to your dashboard. In the browser window type in[username] That will take you directly to the page to change your username. All you need to do is scroll to the window with a current user name, click on the pencil for edit.

Find the window and change your name and hit save and you’re done. By doing it this way you may be bypassing some of the other settings that you may want to change.

So here is the less direct method. I find it easier to navigate if you hold your phone in landscape mode.
Back at your dashboard. Click on the menu icon on the upper left corner that will take you to this drop down menu.
click Settings. click Account.

And now you’ve got a screen that looks like your desktop. On the account page go down to blogs. Click on the profile that you want to change in this instance. I only have one profile. Scroll to Username. Click on the pencil for edit. Find the window. And change your name.
click Save.

And you’re done.
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