OWC ThunderBay RAID 6 up to 72TB storage

BSVP On-Site with Sue Lawson at NAB 2017 talks with Larry O’Connor of OWC Digital’s Professional Grade ThunderBay RAID 6.

Up to 72TB of Storage

ThunderBay 6 with Thunderbolt 3, or you can use Apple’s adapter to use any Thunderbolt 2 machine up to 72TB of storage. That’s great because with softRAID you don’t have to make a single raid across the entire volume.

Dual Drive Protection

It’s very easy to segment. You can have a RAID0, you can have a RAID0 + 1. If you need speed and redundancy you can have a RAID5, RAID4 and now RAID6. We also have softRAID 6 coming out. Which will bring RAID6 and RAID6+. ¬†With RAID5 you can lose a single drive and have no data loss. With RAID6 you have dual drive protection. So two drives can go out and have no data loss. Performance with the ThunderBay 6 is pushing 800 to 1000MB/second in a RAID6 configuration. So, really fast and fully redundant. If you want full speed if you have a RAID0 portion for editing space, you’re looking at 1200MB to 1400MB/second across that array.


So it’s pretty cool. You have a RAID0 for your editing work and have a RAID6 area for your output. If you just really want to, you can you do a RAID1 across all 6 drives. You can have 6 copies of your work protected using that same array. A real cool thing is that you can have all that different data types that you want: output, the input and the scratch, in one box as opposed to having a different box for each RAID level. So high capacity really and high performance. It takes to ThunderBay 4 up another two drives and you get the performance and service benefits with it.

Compatible with SSD & HDD

Actually a feature of OWC’s ¬†ThunderBay 6 and the ThunderBay 4 will be the new mounting solution that supports both 2.5 and 3.5 in the same box. So there won’t be any adapter needed to mount 2.5 SSDs or 3.5 inch drives.

It will be available will come August or September of 2017 which coincides with the release of softRAID6 which will take RAID on the Mac up to a brand new level.

Absolutely awesome products. Larry O’Connor OWCdigital. It is the place to buy everything that you need.


Producer: Bruce Himmelblau
Host: Sue Lawson
Guest: Larry O’Connor, OWC Digital /MacSales