Add hard drive capacity and ports to MacBook with OWC DEC

Add Ports to MacBook Pros

When Apple took away a lot of ports on the 2016 MacBook Pros, OWC Digital came up with a solution. The Project DEC brought those ports back. They brought back the USB Type A, mini display port and a connecting security lock back on the the MacBook Pro. You also get a full sized SD card reader as well as an SD micro reader.

Sue Lawson talked with Larry O’Connor from OWC, Other World Computing. Also known as if you’re looking for it online. As an editor OWC made life so much easier because you don’t have to worry about things and this is one of the things is the is the Project DEC. Another is the Travel Dock.

For folks with any Type C enabled Macintosh, or PC for that matter, USB Type C or a Thunderbolt 3. The Travel Dock adds an SD reader, 2 USB Type A ports and an HDMI port. It runs bus power off the computer, with your Apple power adapter or the  NewerTech USB C power adapter. When you plug an adapter into it, it will also power your computer as well as take power from it. It’s a nice device that really comes in very handy. It has the port’s that OWC found most people need for travel. 

The Project DEC attached to a 2016 MacBook Pro 15 inch as an expansion chassis.

It’s kind of stealthy and very slick. It looks like it belongs in the machine. It’s kind of part of the machine. You’ve got all these ports, and on top of it. The storage inside the 2016 is soldered, it’s not upgradeable once you run out, you run out. There’s no way to add additional storage.

Add Hard Drives to MacBook Pro

It’s not like the old days where you could pull out the optical drive have a second drive in there. The deck provides two 2 1/2″ storage bays inside. You can use two SSDs, two hard drives currently up to an extra 4TB just additional storage. You can pack it into the deck to be on the road with you. With your 2016 Mac you have that live redundant backup going. Have the extra storage for what you’re ingesting to keep your Mac Pro SSD there for your fast processing so, more capacity all the ports back, and everything right there ready to go. It only adds about 1.2 pounds.

The DEC has not been released yet. Estimated pricing for storage only OWC is looking at $299 or less. The DEC with the ports will be priced at $499 or less. Cost-effectiveness and capability rich seems to be the motto of OWC. The price points that they have is incredibly fair for any filmmaker any editor, any production person and the products are good.

Producer: Bruce Himmelblau
Host: Sue Lawson
Guest: Larry O’Connor, OWC Digital /MacSales