Inside LinkedIn: How to use the business social network and why

BSVP On-Site at the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce Lunch. The featured speakers were, Natalie Blatnick & Katie Jansen, from GCG Financial. Inside LinkedIn how to use the business social network and why.

It’s all about the Headline – Use an impactful headline that incorporate keywords that increase search ranking.


Natalie Blatnick is a Recruiting Specialist at GCG Financial
Katie Jansen is the Manager of New Advisor Development at GCG Financial

➣ Why LinkedIn?
➣ How to get noticed on LinkedIn
➣ Grow Your Business by Creating a Prospecting Machine
➣ LinkedIn How to Tips and Tricks

LinkedIn has the world’s largest audience of professionals

By using LinedIn, businesses can get introduced to the right type of prospects that will help grow their business

Include 3 key elements in your profile summary:

➣ Who you are
➣ Who you help
➣ How you can help the customer


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