6 ways to improve your YouTube channel with Tent-Pole Programming

6 ways to improve your YouTube channel with Tent-Pole Programming

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Why are most action movies released in the summer? Why are the biggest retail sales events in November? Why do TV shows have special guests stars on during Sweeps Week? The answer is Tent-Pole Programming.

The reason why¬†advertisers and media channels release their specials around a specific event is because public interest peaks during those periods. The strategy is to get their content in front people during the pre-buzz stage. So that when the event hits, they’re are in the minds of the viewer of shopper. Examples are big budget movies like Man of Steel, Iron Man 2 and Star Trek 2, holidays such as Father’s Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas, special local, national or international events. If you can create a video that ties your message or company to the tent-pole event, your video has a good chance of getting noticed.

Small businesses can also take advantage of the same strategy as major movie studios, TV networks and national retail stores by using YouTube. YouTube is not just funny cat videos and music videos. Businesses have been using YouTube to create awareness of their brand and increase sales for the past few years. Last week they rolled out their new channel design across the entire site.



Here are 6 secrets of how you can use Tent-Poll Programming to get traffic to your YouTube Channel.

1. Look at the year ahead and list how you can tie your message into the event.

2. Create the videos and release them a few weeks prior to the event. Most people will be using the keywords associated with the event. Include those keywords into your title, description and tags, your video.

3. If you have a library of videos that were created during the last tent-pole event, freshen them up by shooting an update, re-edit the old video and re-release it. Chances are there’s a whole new audience that missed it when you posted it the first time.

4. When YouTube redesigned the site recently, they made playlists more relevant. Use the tent-pole event to re-organize your playlists and assemble your videos that may be associated with the event.

5. Most important, release your videos prior to the tent-poll event. If not a couple weeks, at least a few days. The period leading up to the event is the time when people are most interested in getting information about it. When the day hits, you’ve got the video up and can benefit from the other media attention.

6. To discover if your video had any impact on you channel or your business, make sure that you keep track of your analytics. YouTube proves feedback on views, watch time and other traffic to your channel.


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