How to Keep Your YouTube Viewers Watching

BSVP On-Site: YouTube Marketing Strategy #12 – How to Keep Your Viewers Watching

Determining the right length of your video depends on how long your audience will watch.
One key strategy to keep your audience engaged is to delivery good production quality, both video quality and audio quality.
You don’t want your viewer to work hard to watch your video.
Adding cut-aways or b-roll that enhance what the narrator is talking about.
Another strategy is to use different camera angles. You can accomplish the 2 angle look by using 2 cameras at the same time, like on TV shows that are shot in front of a live audience, or using 1 camera and shooting the same scene twice from 2 different angles, like in movies.

Another strategy is to use transitions and overlays to engage your viewer. But, be sure that you don’t over do it, or it may distract your viewer from getting your message.

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