What is Your Call to Action

BSVP On-Site: YouTube Marketing Strategy #13 – What is Your Call to Action?

If you’ve read or seen the last couple posts of BSVP On-Site: YouTube Marketing Strategy, you’ve discovered how to Hook Your Viewer and How to Keep Them Watching. In this post, we cover Call to Action.

What your Call to Action does is it directs your viewer to take action that will help build engagement and your audience. You can accomplish your call to action in many ways. One way is to have the on-screen talent direct the viewer what to do after they have watched your video. Another way to direct call to action is through annotations, titles, graphic or more information.

Every episode of BSVP On-Site: YouTube Marketing Strategy has concluded with call to action to subscribe to the YouTube channel and a subscribe button with a link to www.youtube.com/bsvptv.

Ideally, you want to close with a single call to action (2 at most) such as “Call us Now” or “Visit our Website at…” or
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