Creating a Successful Value Proposition

BSVP On-Site: Creating a Successful Value Proposition.
Don Rigali, Rigali Packaging, gets to the core of why customers hire one company over the next.

Businesses approach new customers in 3 primary ways.
Capabilities, General Value Proposition & Customer Specific Value Proposition.


Don Rigali, gets to the basics of marketing.

How are you selling your products or services? Are you using the Capabilities pitch, the General Value Proposition approach or the Customer Specific Value Proposition (CVP)?

Don Rigali of Rigali Packaging explains the differences and how to engage your prospective customers.

BSVP On-Site: Creating a Successful Value Proposition.

Creating a Successful Value Proposition

Capabilities – “Me too” pitch is that the company offers the same product or services as their competition.

General Value Proposition – “We’re different” approach finds the unique selling point that makes them stand out from the competition.

Customer Specific Value Proposition – “We’re the best” approach matches the customer’s needs with the business’ services. Even if your company isn’t the absolute best in the industry, because there are many factors that go into the customer specific value proposition, you can still be the best option for your customer. By knowing what your customer is looking for, you can be the best choice based on your specific knowledge of your customer’s business, your location, your employees, the time and attention you give your customer and last (and probably least) your pricing. Because if you truly are the best value to your customer, the money they spend to hire you or buy your product is worth it.

Don delivers a great story that his uncle told. The story grabbed attention of his uncle’s clients and created a unique customer value for them.

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