How to Break Up Longer Videos into Shorter Clips Using Playlists

BSVP On-Site: YouTube Marketing Strategy #16 – How to Break Up Longer Videos into Shorter Clips Using Playlists.

If you have a long program, instead of uploading the entire program as a single video, you can break it up into segments, either 10 or 15 minutes long.

You can then sting them together using a Playlist. So, when the first video finishes playing, it will then start playing the next video in the Playlist sequence. The videos can still be self contained with their own opening and closing. The Playlist sequence is almost like watching a DVD. If you go to the chapter list and start watching the movie, the video will play from that point to the end.

Another advantage of cutting your long video into segments is that you can direct your viewer to a specific portion of the video that interests them without having to start at the beginning. You may want to still include an opening and closing for those who start watching your series of video in the middle. Another strategy to assist your viewer in watching more of your videos is to use Annotations with links to other videos on your channel.

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