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BSVP On-Site: YouTube Marketing Strategy #17 – How to Build Your YouTube Channel without Creating YouTube Videos

You can build a successful YouTube Channel by discovering content on YouTube that would be informational and helpful to you and your customers and then adding them to organized playlists.

The latest statistics from YouTube is that three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. So, by the time you’ve watched this video, 300 hours of video will have been uploaded.
To take advantage of all those videos that are being uploaded that may have interest to you and your
customers, you can curate those into a playlist. What you don’t want to do is download them and then re-upload them to your own YouTube channel. You can create valued resource by curating content from across YouTube. The same way museum curates art into a collection of related styles or periods, you can curate videos into related topics on your YouTube channel. You can establish your channel as the go-to place to find hard to find videos on subjects related to your interests or business.

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