Your video is a reflection of your business.

You are what you eat, the clothes make the (wo)man, the quality of the video on your website reflects the quality of your business.
Uploading poor quality videos from your webcam may be OK for personal use, but posting a video with bad lighting, shaky or random framing and poor audio is not acceptable for serious businesses. Posting amateurish videos is an gives the appearance that your business doesn’t care about producing a quality product or service.

Producing videos for music, promotions, electronic press kits, entertainment and more has grow substantially in the past few years. For those videos that are targeted toward consumers, 22% of video viewers make a purchase, 25% of video viewers visit a store and 23% of video viewers request more information. Adding video to your website will help increase your site’s ranking on most search engines. So, when your potential customer visits your site, you want your video to look as good as it can be. Even after investing the time and money to create an outstanding video, it can be destroyed by bad video compression.

Here is a recent video that we produced for WEVA International. Even though the series is targeted towards wedding & event videographers, it contains information that’s valuable for both people in the video production industry and those that work with them.

WEVA News podcast interviews Final Cut Pro guru, Larry Jordan about his weekly live webinars and tips about compressing video for the web.

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