Powerful Cine Meter II for video and photo

Color Correction Calculator

Bruce Himmelblau with BSVP On-Site at NAB 2017 talks with Adam Wilt. Cine Meter II is a powerful reflective, incident and color meter that runs on a smartphone. It also has spot metering  a waveform monitor, both luma only and RGB. This comes in very handy for looking at chroma key backgrounds to see if you’ve got good color separation. The color meter includes a correction calculator so you can take readings of your light and match it to a given temperature target or find out how to match the ambient light back to your target light so it has both the source to target and target source modes.

Save Time & Budget

You could use Cine Meter II before going to shoot when scouting a location or before the camera setups.  Save time and budget by getting light readings during a pre-light day where you’re not paying full rate for a set and haven’t rented the camera yet. But you can go in with the lighting crew and start rigging lights and knowing what the light values are and how they’re going to relate back to the camera. So when you come in on a shoot day you can set the camera on sticks, set the aperture and start rolling straight away. You can also pre-set the aperture. For example if you want to shoot at F4, you can come in and set that up and see what effective aperture or what shutter speed you’re going to need as a result. Adam Wilt also put waveform monitor in the app. It can either be in pure luma mode or RGB which is very handy for color separation.

You can use the app to see the separation of subjects against a green background. You can compare the results with red,  green or blue channels. They’re useful for checking that sort of thing. Also for examining the evenness of lighting on a green screen or a background.

Color Calibration Panel

So it is a fully zoomable spot meter out to 15 times.  You can actually come in to a color calibration panel where you can set a target value and see what my current light reading is. Then get the color correction gels for it, as appropriate. In both correcting to a given target setting or correcting from the target setting to ambient. Based on whether you need to correct your camera or need to correct the lights to match the ambient environment. You can do it both ways. There’s also an incident mode where you can take a photo sphere this is a $30 add-on from Extra Sensory Devices. It’s available directly from them or off of B&H or Amazon. Incident readings and walk around the set and capture information that way. And again all the color temperature information is available at all the various settings they’re there as well.

incident light meter

False Color Mode

There’s also a false color mode. So you can turn that on and set levels for false color and use that as a visualization technique to see where levels are really hot where they’re down on the shadows and where my gray scale is. You can lock an exposure and keep that and then walk around my set and see how my lighting level varies.

For more information and how to download this where do you go? It’s on the App Store it’s Cine Meter II – that’s the Roman numeral two. For more info visit www.AdamWilt.com/cinemeterii.





Producer/Host: Bruce Himmelblau
Guest: Adam Wilt. Cine Meter II