Never have to make another cold call

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Never have to make another cold call.

While some may forget to ask for referrals, others ask for it directly.
While still others haven’t made a cold call for 20 years.


Jennifer Villarreal, owner of Sales from the Heart suggests that typically you want to ask for a referral after you’ve been working with them for a while and have established a report and trust. Ask them who they might know or care about that they can recommend you to.



Pete Crabtree Tranel Financial GroupPete Crabtree, Tranel Financial Group has the practice of calling any referral if not immediately, then within 24 hours. And he always gets back to the person who gave him the referral to let them know that he followed up on the referral and thanks them again.



Tricia Tricia CodellStahl, Independent Distributor for Lifevantage will set up a call with client so that they can make an introduction to the referral.






Anup Manchandra, VP at Teleprime asks for a referral when the initial job is complete. In addition after they have been a client for a while and he has a chance to meet with them on a one on one basis, he will discover that a business associate will have a need for a similar solution.

After doing business with a client for a while, Pete Crabtree will sometimes say to a client, “You understand my services, what I can do, so who do you know that would benefit from that.”



Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 1.59.04 PMEven if a person that Donna Codell, Independent Distributor for Juice Plus after she meets someone, even if they do not become a client, she will ask if they know someone who might benefit from her products.




Jennifer adds that introductions can be via email suggesting that the two people should connect. The email doesn’t have to go into details about the business, because every situation is different, sometimes the generic terms used to describe what you do may not convey the real value of doing business with the company.
When Pete Crabtree contacts a referral, his intention is not to sell them. Instead it’s to set up a meeting with them and talk about how he can create value for them.

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Jennifer Villarreal, owner of Sales from the Heart
Pete Crabtree, Tranel Financial Group
Tricia Stahl, Independent Distributor for Lifevantage
Anup Manchandra, VP at Teleprime
Donna Codell, Independent Distributor for Juice Plus




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