Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12 BSVP On-Site


BSVP On-Site with Blackmagic Design at NAB 2015 talking with Tina Eckman about just a few of the additions to DaVinci Resolve 12.

Tina Eckman: It’s actually kind of interesting when you think about where the product has come in the last 5 years. I’ve heard from many customers, the improvements are so great. So exciting. We’ve done more work in this last year than we’ve done in the last 5. And I think that people will be really blown away, by of course the color features. People understand the powerful color corrector.

We’ve gone ahead now and added a ton of editing functionality that needed in the product and it’s all there. Some to the littler things, the finite details, rather, that people don’t think about, are things like the UI (User Interface). We started there, we’ve lighted the overall UI to match the actual video that shining in your eyes all day. So your eyes don’t get as tired. Things like that make such a small detail. Are so so important for those editors that are in a dark room all day looking at the glaring screen. Beautiful new UI and fonts, etcetera. In addition, we’ve added some very powerful gotcha features. Like multi-cam. It’s what we’re looking at right here. Because every editor needs multi-cam. We’ve been adding a lot more editorial features in this release. I believe there’s 80 this time around. Just tons of great features. In addition we’ve added more audio functionality as well for people who want viac plugins, AU plugins you can do a lot of that directly in the product as well. Including exporting across to bridges. Including the video flatten file. It’s a great seamless round-griping workflow. what editors need.

I think that’s one thing to bring up as well, that even though we’re adding more functionality, because of course we want to get as much out of our products as they can, the fact that we’re adding these additional tools allows people to get a more complete round trip experience as well. Because they’re not missing that important data in their XML files. Really great stuff. We’ve also done a 3D tacker. So for those of you that have tracked anything before, you know that when something interrupts the camera angle, the tracker goes haywire. With the 3D perspective tracker, it’s just a checkbox now.

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