BSVP On-Site: Tech – Manfrotto Nitrotech new design tripod head

Bruce Himmelblau, BSVP On-Site talks with Giuseppe Di Lauro about the new Manfrotto Nitrotech tripod head.

Completely new design and technology

The Nitrotech has a completely new design and technology. The Hydrogen Piston head counterbalances up to 8 kg (17 lbs) versatile for both lightweight and heavier cameras such as DSLRs and camcorders as well as heavier 4K cameras.

Quickly and Easily Counterbalance Adjustment

Thanks to the Nitrotech mechanism, the knob on the head can be adjusted to increase or decrease pressure on the head. This also enables the user to quickly and easily adjust the counterbalance to the weight of the camera.

The advantage of having the camera counterbalance is that when the camera is titled that the camera stays in that position. Also the head allows smoother movement when panning and tilting the camera. The enables extremely precise performance in terms of counterbalance.

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Producer/Host: Bruce Himmelblau
Guest: Giuseppe Di Lauro, Manfrotto