BSVP On-Site: Tech – How to Choose the Right Tripod

In a follow up to Manfrotto Nitrotech, Bruce Himmelblau, co-host BSVP On-Site talks with Giuseppe Di Lauro from Manfrotto about how to choose the right tripod.

Tripod Depends on Shooting Location & Conditions

Choosing the right tripod depends on the type of shooting that you do. Consider whether it is indoor, outdoor, sports or how much space you have to place the tripod. Manfrotto has a wide variety of options. For times when space is limited or working in a crowd, consider using a monopod. For indoor shoots tripods are standard for good stability and stronger performance for pans and tilts.

If you travel a lot the best option is a lightweight tripod. Manfrotto offers a carbon fiber option in 2 sizes, small and tall. It accommodates quick set ups as well as being compact and easy to pack.

Most tripods reach a height of 2 meters (6.5 feet). For low angles you can remove the spreaders on models that use the spreader or adjust the position of legs on carbon fiber tripods.

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Producer/Host: Bruce Himmelblau
Guest: Giuseppe Di Lauro, Manfrotto