BSVP On-Site: Tech – Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K


BSVP On-Site: Tech – Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K

At NAB 2015, Blackmagic Design released their 5″ video assist monitor/recorder 1080 HD model. At NAB 2016 they came out with the new 7 inch 1920 x 1200 model. This monitor/recorder will record onto SD card all the way up to Ultra HD. The Video Assist 4K has two card slots, so if one fills up it will switch over to the other.

The cards are hot-swappable so the you can pull out the full card and replace it with an empty card while the other slot is still recording.

The unit also comes with a headphone jack and LANC control, touch screen just like the previous model. You also have are HDMI and recessed SDI connections and 2 XLR connections.

2 LP six batteries slots, once one battery drains out automatically jump over the next battery.

The Video Assist is not limited to Blackmagic cameras.
You can hook it up to a DSLR even the Blackmagic Micro Studio camera would be a great option because that does not have a monitor on it. You could record a backup if you need to or just a different format for that matter. The great thing is the SD card slots, so you don’t have to use something that’s a little more expensive like C-Fast card. You can use her traditional SD cards on here, less money and you can record flavors of ProRes or DNX-HD.

Blackmagic also released DiVinci Resolve 12.5. Kendall Eckman stated that it could’ve been a 13 release because it has around 250 new features such as connecting it their fusion product and 3-D compositing. Both editing programs are available on the Blackmagic Design website.

So you can jump back-and-forth now very seamlessly in between Fusion and Resolve. Curves and the handles are improved, cut and pasting of keyframes, cut and paste them around for the editing you can also do time remapping for slow motion so many things goes on anon so I always recommend people to go on the website download the free version of resolve

The nice thing is you can do your coloring in Resolve, it has all the professional editing told him about it even more this year were drop-down menu to make it more seamless and easier to use. But you can still connect with Final Cut Pro, Premiere and Avid.

Because no production is ever really locked, so there is a last minute change, you don’t have to bring everything back to the original editing platform to make that change, you can go ahead make a change within Resolve.

Sue Lawson BSVP On-Site at NAB 2016

The Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K is shipping now. Retail $895
For more information or a list of all of the new updates, visit