BSVP On-Site: GTech USB-C & Thunderbolt 3

BSVP On-Site: GTech USB-C & Thunderbolt 3

Bobby Lombardi shows their new G-Drive USB-C with capacities up to 10TB. What’s unique about the USB-C drive is that it will charge the laptop. The power input would come into the drive and then daisy chain the power to the laptop without requiring another plug to power the computer.

G-Tech also announced their new Thunderbolt 3 line of products on the first day of NAB. Thunderbolt helps get the fast drive speeds that filmmakers & content creators need for editing and capturing. The G-Speed Studio XL, 8 bay system demo’d at NAB got 1GB/second on the write speeds and that certainly helps because of the Thunderbolt technology. With the Thunderbolt 3, G-Tech is now able to get speeds faster than they did before with Thunderbolt 2. They had the G-Speed Shuttle XL, G-Drive, G-RAID and Thunderbolt 2 before. They would saturate Thunderbolt 2 with the 8 drives in the G-Speed Shuttle XL. That’s no longer the case, you can get well above the 1.5GB/second speeds and actually go beyond that. And in the G-Tech 6 Bay product with EV adapter bays, you can plug SSDs in and access those drives at high speed. Plus get the speed of the 6-Bay RAID due to the Thunderbolt 3 connection.

G-Tech has also updated their G-Drive Thunderbolt which comes in capacities of up to 12TB and is also set up with Thunderbolt 3. Included on the rear of the G-Drive Thunderbolt they have a pass-through port for Thunderbolt which means you can daisy chain additional units. It comes with a USB-C port as well. Which means that the drive can be connected via USB or Thunderbolt. Legacy Thunderbolt is also supported on the new drives with a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter.

The G-RAID 2 removable uses the same drives as the G-Speed Shuttle. It also has the pass-through Thunderbolt 3 ports as well as USB-C. An additional feature is that it has an HDMI port which allows you to hook the drive up to a monitor with the video signal or HDR content that was developed as part of G-Tech’s collaboration with Atmos.

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Producer: Bruce Himmelblau
Host: Sue Lawson
Guest: Bobby Lombardi, G-Technology