We have been covering NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas for WEVA News for seven years. Our very first interview back in 2005 was with Garrett Brown when he introduced the Merlin camera stabilizer for handheld cameras.

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I have to admit, that I did not realize who Garrett Brown was when I first approached him to talk about the Merlin. However, shortly after the interview I found out that this was the man who also invented the Steadicam that made the classic shot of Sylvester Stallone running up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum in “Rocky” possible. Since then the Steadicam has been used on many more films since.

As we have done in some episodes of WEVA News, instead of just shooting the product, we integrated it into the episode. In the first segment, we with Garrett Brown about the Merlin 2 as our camerman, Steve Eisen is using the Steadicam Pilot for the very first time. In less than 15 minutes and with a very quick training session that we got in the second segment, we up and running.


Behind the scenes preparation for shooting the interview with Garrett Brown

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