Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K – BSVP On-Site: Tech

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k it’s amazing and you know what it ships with DaVinci Resolve studio.

Sue Lawson at NAB 2018 with one of her favorite people, Jason Druss. He is awesome he knows Blackmagic inside and out he is actually Mr. Blackmagic. But he knows this company. He knows their products and he’s got what is near and dear to my heart. We’re so excited this year to hear about the new Pocket Camera.
Totally different Pocket camera than what you’ve had before. But this Pocket Cinema Camera is amazing.

Blackmagic Design unveiled their new Pocket Cinema Camera 4k and this is a real family upgrade for the Pocket Camera. The 4k version of it in the same way that the Pocket Camera had features in a size that no one ever could have possibly imagined. Especially at a price point no one could have possibly imagined. It’s the same thing with the Pocket Cinema Camera 4k features the same micro 4/3 lens mount. This time BMD has put a micro 4/3 sensor in the camera so there’s no more crop factor. In this sensor also has 13 stops of dynamic, range similar to the original pocket camera. But this is our first camera in all of Blackmagic’s camera history to have a native dual ISO. So the native dual ISO comes in at 400 and 3200 with a max ISO of 25,600 so this is going to be a phenomenal low-light camera which Blackmagic Design is really excited about. Incredibly lightweight and great handheld design. Takes Canon LP E6 batteries that pop out of the hand grip right here. It takes a CFS 2.0 card as well as an SD card. But if you don’t want to record the card there’s this nifty little secret on the side of the camera we have this USB-C port right here. Not only can you power the camera off the USB C port but if you have a external hard drive a portable hard drive you can plug that right into this USB-C port bypass your cards. You just record straight to a hard drive. Then you could take that hard drive plug it in your computer and start editing with DaVinci Resolve or whatever software you’re using. The camera also has a full HDMI port which we’re really excited about. So, it’s a lot more secure port to plug an external video source into. For output and we have these really great function buttons on the top. They have this great dial for changing white balance and shutter speed trigger record button. They have a trigger record button in the front because we assume that you know a lot of vloggers and people doing single person setups are gonna be able to just point the camera in front of them for their own videos and hit record just like that. The camera also features a 5-inch touchscreen on the back of the camera. Essentially it has the same exact Blackmagic operating system that you’ll find in the Ursa Mini Pro so you can easily access Quickfire menu items like zebra stripes for peaking, focus guides, false-color, all that information. Frame guides, and you can go ahead, if you want to change the aperture you can just click on the button that you want to change you can you just slide your metadata back and forth for adjusting a lot of parameters of the camera. And this camera is going to record in HD Ultra, HD and DCI 4k at true 4096 by 2160. And it’s gonna record ProRes Proxy, LTT, 422, HQ and Cinema DNG RAW and 1:1, 3:1 and 4:1.

So it’s gonna have a lot of recording options. A lot of codecs and this camera is going to come in at $1295 (US).

It’s lightweight. Talk about the weight. It’s very lightweight. The final version is going to come in at about 1.2 pounds. So it’s going to be an incredibly lightweight even after you get a battery and a lens maybe light or a microphone on top of there. Speaking of audio, it has analog XLR and 1/8 inch audio input for microphones. But it’s going to be extremely light weight no matter how you really configure it. If you enter in the menu you’ll find that the camera has a whole page for look-up tables. And they even have a 4K Rec 2020 hybrid log gamma LUT for shooting extended range video directly onto the SD card or whatever your recording media is. So if you have a lot that you made individual resolve that you want to import into the camera you can do that. And to speed up efficiency and to speed up your workflow you can record with an eLUT baked right into the video or you can record log and widen up your post-production options later on. The choice is yours.

The choice is yours. The price $1295 I mean really if if this was available right this second and there wasn’t security all over the place I would be walking out with three or four of them. It’s not shipping yet though.

It’s shipping in September. We were talking about the the workflow between this and DaVinci Resolve. Big changes with that as well. They just keep getting better and better and better.