15 Tips For Better SEO via CEOBlognation

We are proud to have be included in the article 15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Tips for Better SEO Practices by CEOblognation.

#7 – Video Content
Content is king for SEO and the king of all content is video. At Blue Sky Video we have been producing videos for ourselves and our clients and posting them to YouTube. But in order to rank in search, you have to do more than just post video. The 4 key elements that need to be included with every video uploaded to YouTube are Title, Description, Tags and a custom Thumbnail image. In addition, each element needs to contain relevant keywords that enhance the SEO of the video. We then take the value of producing and posting videos one step further, by creating a blog on the our or our clients’ website. The blog contains both an embedded video and a keyword rich summary of the content. Video content does not have to be created specifically for YouTube either. It can be repurposed from a number of other platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope, Blab and more.

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