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  • The Power of Testimonials

    The Power of Testimonials

    Asking for testimonials is really pretty simple. Getting a testimonial can come from a variety of different ways, Written, LinkedIn, Video. Bonnie Richtman, of Peak Performance Action Coach has written testimonials that they use. They post them on LinkedIn and other sites. They also put them in the invitations to some of their seminars. They also post their video testimonials. The videos are really, really compelling because they are very easy to watch. They’re short and sweet. The videos deliver tonal inflections, tears, sometimes, of gratitude and happiness and they’re easy to send to people. They can take a quick look at them and, once again, their very compelling.

  • Never have to make another cold call

    Never have to make another cold call

    BSVP On-Site Never have to make another cold call. While some may forget to ask for referrals, others ask for it directly. While still others haven’t made a cold call for 20 years. Jennifer Villarreal, owner of Sales from the Heart suggests that typically you want to ask for a… Continue reading


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