Video Testimonials: How to Get Your Clients to Sell For You

BSVP On-Site: Video Testimonials: How to Get Your Customers to Sell For You.
5 Steps to Great Video Testimonials
In addition to producing and hosting BSVP On-Site, Bruce Himmelblau is a video producer and YouTube Strategist.

When you have a customer who lets you know how great your product or service is, capture it on video. Written testimonials on Google Plus or on Yelp are helpful, but because they are written, the reader can’t see the full emotion or hear the voice of the person who wrote it.

People do business with those that they Know, Like and Trust.

Avoid hiring professional actors to give testimonial and do not script testimonials. Prepared testimonials generally don’t sound authentic. Client testimonials should come from the customer themselves, in their own words.

When setting up your shot, make sure that there is nothing distracting in the background. Also, position your interview subject so that there are not odd shapes or objects directly behind them.

For good audio, it is always best to use a lav mic or a boom in order to capture clear and clean sound. If all you have available is a camera with a microphone mounted to it, try to get as close as possible to your subject, but not too close.

5 Steps for Great Video Testimonials

1. What was their thoughts or “pain” before buy your product or hiring your services?
What problem or “pain” did they have before coming to you.
The answers can be short soundbites. They also can be great stories.

2. What was it like after using your product or service?
Describe the benefits and their experience of working with your company.

3. How do they feel about your company and would they recommend you?
This question reinforces your customer’s feelings towards your company. If your customers just says Yes they would recommend your product or service, follow up with why they would recommend you.

4. Ask if there are any additional thoughts of comments.
This is where you let your clients talk about any areas that you haven’t covered in the previous questions. They can also provide you with comments or express their emotions in unexpected ways.

5. Release Form
Cover your bases. A simple release form provides you with the freedom to use as much of their comments as you wish.

Once you have the video testimonials, you need to distribute them so that other people can see them.

They can be embedded on LinkedIn to enhance your recommendations and endorsements.
They can be uploaded and shared on YouTube, Instagram and Vine and added to your business’ Google Plus page, Facebook page and Twitter stream.

It is recommended that you have a YouTube channel to organize all your videos. From promo videos to instructional/how-to videos and more. Orabrush, a company that manufactures a tongue cleaning brush has a YouTube Playlist that curates fans review videos that are posted on YouTube.

Blue Sky Video Productions offers Testimonial recoding sessions on site at business locations nationwide. They also help business create original content and organize them on YouTube.

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