Video Biography

Video Biography

(similar to those seen on A&E Biography)

Preserve your family history first hand from those that lived it or create a personal tribute for a special friend, family member or couple in a way that is captivating, entertaining and touching.

Ideal gift for:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Graduation
  • Anniversary
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Corporate Events
  • Retirement Parties
  • Tribute or Special Recognition


We produce your video biography or family history video by integrating:

Film (Home Movies)
and Narration
along with interviews with family and friends
and vintage and new footage

For additional information, please contact Bruce at (847) 295-9555.


Personal ‘Life History Videos’ Increasing in Popularity

Sarasota, FL – Professionally-produced, video biographies profiling family members, business executives, and community leaders are increasing in popularity, according to a new edition of The Wall Street Journal, which mentions the work of WEVA International member Infinity Productions (Sunnyvale, CA).

In the article headlined, “The Story of My Life, Starring…Me! Boomers Hire Pros to Make Hollywood-Style Biopics,” WSJ reporter Andrea Peterson writes, “As parents hit old age, baby boomers are scrambling against time to make a permanent record of family lore. But instead of picking up a video camera and firing off a list of questions, some boomers are hiring production companies to turn these tales into glossy documentaries.”

The article confirms that professional videographers who specialize in weddings are now adding “Life History” videos to their list of services, and that such videos can range in price from a few hundred dollars to as high as $20,000 depending on the style and extent of the production values.

“We’re pleased to see The Wall Street Journal covering an important trend in our industry that has been emerging over the past few years,” said WEVA International Chairman Roy Chapman. “WEVA members have been producing Life History and Tribute Videos in steadily increasing numbers. Last August at the 13th Annual WEVA EXPO, as at previous conventions, WEVA has featured educational seminars by our members who are at the top of this new trend, which is growing stronger, especially due to the popularity of DVD. Virtually everyone can now have their own “Back Story” professionally recorded on DVD with individual chapters featuring interviews interwoven with photo montages, home movie clips, and of course, the ‘out-takes.'”

According to the WSJ report, “People commission biographies for a variety of reasons, including birthday parties and anniversaries, or as tributes to the dying or recently deceased…Boomers were so busy rebelling in their youth that they didn’t pay much attention to these family stories–which now makes them more inclined to go all out to document them.”

Chapman added, “WEVA International will continue providing our members with the latest information on the increasing demand for Life History videos, including topical seminars spotlighting the best new production techniques and styles. New digital video equipment, including DVD, makes it more efficient for professional videographers today to preserve important memories for tomorrow, and for all the generations ahead.”

WEVA International is the leading trade association for professional wedding and event videographers. The association is dedicated to advancing the professional interests of wedding and event videographers worldwide through continuing education, technical support, group benefits, advocacy committees and professional development training.

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