How to Verify your YouTube account

BSVP On-Site: YouTube Marketing Strategy #7 – How to Verify your YouTube Channel

To get started, log into your YouTube channel and go to Video Manager or Creator Studio. Then click on Channel.
Make sure that your channel is in Good Standing for Community Guidelines and Copyright. Your channel is also enabled to post Unlisted and Private Videos.
Click on the “Verify” button.
Account verification step 1 of 2 offers 2 ways to deliver the verification code to you, either as a phone call or as a text message.
After you choose either one of the options, a box will appear for you to enter your phone number.
After entering your phone number, hit the submit button.
When you get the 6-digit verification code, enter it in the box in step 2.
If you choose the “Call me with an automated voice message” be sure that you are near your phone, because YouTube will generate just one phone call with the code.
Once the code is entered, your account will be verified.
When you return to the Features page, you will notice that 3 more features have been enabled.
1 – Longer videos – You can now upload videos longer than 15 minutes.
2 – External annotations – Lets you link annotations to external websites or merch partners.
3 – Custom thumbnails – Choose your video’s thumbnail by uploading you own.

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how to verify youtube channel

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