Social Media Engagement Using Video

This week BSVP On-Site YouTube Strategist, Bruce Himmelblau talks with Videologist, Grant Crowell ( about what social media engagement really means and how video mobile video apps such as Vine, Instagram or YouTube play a role in reaching your audience.

Engagement is more than passive watching and sharing. For social to be beneficial as a business model to be sustainable, you need to get past the superficial and talk about thoughtful activities around engagement. It’s not just pressing a button for a retweet or a like, but a comment.¬†As a business, you should provide helpful information that will encourage the viewer to comment on the video or subscribe to your channel.

Most people ask how to make a viral video. But, the question they should be asking is how they can help people.

Social media is about building relationships that convert into followers or subscribers, but it’s also how those conversions are measured. Most businesses don’t have a plan or track the metrics or even know that there are analytics that can help them improve their engagement.

Video is the best communication tool that we have today. The challenge is that, even though it doesn’t cost anything to publish, there is an intimidation factor behind it.

On one end, people see other posting video and think that there’s nothing to it. On the other end, people are scared of being on camera. The opportunity is somewhere in between. There’s a learning curve that we all go through. We make some mistakes, but with feedback and learning from others, you get better.

Reach out to other video producers who are doing what you like. Many are willing to share their knowledge.

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