Get rid of video flickering with Digital Anarchy Flicker Free

Bruce Himmelblau, video producer & YouTube Strategist at NAB 2014 with Jim Tierney of Digital Anarchy talking about Flicker Free. There are times when you get back into the studio and view your footage. Then say, “where did that flicker come from?” How do you fix that in post?

Digital Anarchy has a new product called Flicker Free. It was originally designed, actually, to deal with flickering in time lapse. Because, when you shoot time lapse with a DSLR, you tend to end up with a lot of flicker because if it’s on auto mode, the shutter speed is varying just a bit. But, Digital Anarchy discovered that it actually works really well on all sorts of flicker. Not only on time lapse, but slow motion or high speed footage which often suffers from flickering. Also fluorescent lights and when your camera is out of sync with the electrical cycle of the lights and you get this rolling band problem. And they do a really, really good job of getting rid of that.

And to apply this, it just a push or a flick of a button.

It’s very simple. It’s really preset based. Flicker usually happens in a limited number of ways, and regardless on what camera you using or whatever the flicker, it manifests in a very specific way. There are 10 different presets and 3 or 4 parameters that you can adjust if the preset doesn’t quite nail it for you. But in most cases we found that the preset do a really remarkable job dealing with the flicker. And one of their philosophies with software is, that the software should do most of the work. You shouldn’t have to analyze histograms. It should be easy. Tierney feels that they should be smart enough to do most of the processing in the background without having 20 different parameters and histograms. With flicker, you just want it to go away. It’s not an artistic thing. You just want to make it stop. And that’s what they try to do and Tierney thinks they’ve been pretty successful with that.

To find out more about Flicker Free, visit where we have free trials that you can download. There’s lot of tutorials. Lots of example videos that was shot with different types of cameras. Lots of ways to check it out.

And there’s more to Digital Anarchy than Flicker Free.

Mostly, for video, it’s Beauty Box and Flicker Free. Digital Anarchy also has a wide range of Photoshop Plug-ins as well. But they’re coming out with some more video stuff, so keep an eye on it.




Bruce Himmelblau is Lead Producer & YouTube Strategist at Blue Sky Video Productions

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