BSVP On-Site: G-Technology introduces 2 new products in the Evolution series.

The G-Technology Evolution series centers around the G-Dock that includes 2 Thunderbolt ports with two modules and ships with 1TB 7200 RPM 2.5 inch drives. The 136MBps transfer rate is faster than their competition mainly because G-Tech is the only manufacturer with 7200RPM 2.5 inch hard drive. The G-Dock was introduced last year and began shipping in August 2013. This year G-Tech adds 2 new members of the G-Dock family.

First, for the budget conscious and those who don’t need the full 1TB capacity, especially for delivering something to their clients, G-Tech introduces a 500GB module for G-Dock. The drive is still 7200RPMs and ships for $99.

The 500GB drive is a great value, considering the time you save transferring data and no headaches. And just like the rest of the product family, they have USB 3.0 on the back so you can plug it directly to a computer without the G-Dock. However the G-Dock provides a thunderbolt connection for faster data transfer as well as the flexibility to be able to daisy chain the Docks together for the times you need to make more than two copies once.

The drives will save you time in multiple spots in workflow because you can either make multiple copies of once of your media coming off the camera so that you can very quickly clear the media off the camera and get it back in the camera and generate more content giving money for you. Also once you finish this you going to post you need something to quickly be able to ingest all the footage. One example, if you shot four drives worth of content. If you have 2 G-Docks daisy chained together, you can put all four drives that once and essentially with the click one button, ingest all four drives of content at the same time.

The second new product in the Evolution series line is the 500GB SSD (solid state drive).

There are varying qualities of SSDs. G-Tech uses very high-quality with lots of write cycles as well as lots of performance. Not all SSDs give you that level of performance. The drive retails for $499. Data transfer rate is 400MBps over USB 3.0 bus powered. But when the drive is connected in the G-Dock via thunderbolt connection, the data transfer rate is 480MBps

The Evolution series also creates more flexibility in your workflow. For example, if you’re shooting on Red Digital Cinema camera, you need something very quick to dump the RED SSD cards on to. You cam use the G-Tech SSD, even if you only own one G-Tech SSD Evolution card, You can download the RED files to the G-Tech SSD card and put it back into the camera. The while the crew continues to shoot, you can download and backup the data from the G-Tech SSD card to spinning drives which aren’t as fast.

The G-Tech SSD drives will ship in May 2014.

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