G-Technology G-Dock ev Streamlines Editing Workflow

BSVP On-Site talks with G-Technology about their versatile hard drive workflow with the G-Tech G-Dock ev and G-Drives.

The key to a successful editing workflow is secure backup of your content and quick access to the data.

The G-Dock ev allows you to download your content to the G-Drive and either connect the drive directly to your system via USB3 or dock it with the the dual base G-Dock and connect it to your system via Thunderbolt for faster access speeds.

Sue Lawson, (BSVP On-Site, ChicagoEdit) and Greg Crosby (G-Technology) discuss the flexibility and scalability of transferring, distributing and duplicating of data. G-Technology has created a unique ecosystem that allows a simplified and provide proficiency around the movement of data. The system is actually made up of 3 products. The first is the G-Drive ev. It’s an all aluminum enclosure that’s very durable and very rugged. G-Technology is know for their very stylish design and reliability. The drive is a 1 TB, 7200RPM, 32MB cache with transfer rates of up to 136MBps.
The back of the drive consists of 2 interfaces, the USB3 interface allows it to operate as a stand-alone drive, as well as a SATA interface that allow it to be put into a dock.

The G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt is the central hub of the EV series. From a standpoint of digital workflow, you can capture all of your content out in the field, put it all on your drive. Then when you’re ready to begin editing, you can plug the drive directly into your dock.

The G-Dock itself is a Thunderbolt enabled dock. The G-Dock ev and the G-Dock ev plus allow the user to have some unique configurations. The drive can ship with 2 1TB G-Drives with the drive showing up on the desktop as 2 separate volumes or in the enclosure the user can choose the 2 drives as RAID 0 for performance or as a mirrored RAID syncs the drive for backup.

For more information, visit http://www.g-technology.com

Bruce Himmelblau is a video producer & YouTube Video Content Maeketing Strategist at Blue Sky Video Productions

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