Facebook Live streaming with Mevo

Sue Lawson with BSVP On-Site at NAB 2016 with Jesse Hertzberg, CEO, Livestream.

Mevo is a 2 1/2 inch video camera that gives you a TV production studio in your pocket. With a single camera, you can shoot a show as if you have multiple cameras in the room. The way that the camera works is that at it core, it’s a 4K camera. It then takes all that pixel density from the 4K sensor and delivers a 720P output.

The unique design allows the camera to be stealth and placed inconspicuously on stage with the action and not interfere with the audience’s attention.
The integration with Facebook Live enables the camera to be used for business, adding it to their marketing mix, product launches, press conferences, town hall meetings, keynote speeches and panel discussions. The second key use is on stage performances, music, dance, comedy and the third key use is family videos such as school sports, video auditions, piano recitals and special events. It’s small form enables it to capture weddings without being noticed.

The camera is placed in a fixed position with a 150 degree field of view. The camera can be control manually or remotely. Under remote operation it can follow up to 8 people at one time using facial recognition, object detection and pattern recognition to follow the different people.

This amazing camera can be used to stream live to Facebook for free or as a business or organization with more advanced needs, such as pay-per-view content, capture leads or more advanced analytics it can be added to a Livestream subscription package.

For more info visit GetMevo.com