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BSVP On-Site talked with Kyle Domitrz at SES Chicago about Brafton, the content marketing agency, as well as what small business owners can do to build their exposure on the Internet. The key is to create original quality content on a regular basis. For most small businesses it is difficult to find the time between running the business, meeting with vendors and eking out time with the family. Business like Blue Sky Video Productions and Brafton offer solutions to business owners and marketing managers who are looking to add blogs, social media and video to their marketing mix.

Dormitrz says that “One article a month is not going to do it. You need at least a few times per week, in volume but quality as well. So it’s important for quantity and quality.” But it can also be a mix of content that will help keep your audience engaged. The model that Blue Sky Video has created is, post our BSVP On-Site blog and accompanying video every Monday. Then post links to the blog to our social media channels such as Goolge+, Pintrest, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter throughout the week. In addition, we also post and curate timely content about video marketing, youtube content strategies and other subjects that interest our customers and our followers.

Because the posts are spread throughout the week, we don’t end up spending a big chunk of time in any one day.

We are interested in your thoughts, either about what you think of this or any of our posts, or how you balance your social media and content marketing with your traditional marketing and sales.


BSVP ON-SITE: This is Bruce Himmelblau with BSVP On-Site. We’re here at SES Chicago talking with Kyle Domitrz from Brafton. What does Brafton do and how can it help the small business.

DOMITRZ: So what Brafton does, is, we actually create custom content strategies for your website that essentially at the end of the day are going to improve your online results. And it’s online marketing so it’s important for people to create regular fresh content, very unique content for the websites. So when a company comes to us, we’ll actually take an analytically consulting approach first. We’ll look at their company, see what they’re doing, see what the target audience is interested in and then we’ll start to formulate what types of content will work for them at end of day whether it be infographics, blogs, written content or even video marketing, which is very hot now.

BSVP ON-SITE: Most of these businesses are small, with a low budget. Is something they can start doing themselves before they come to you to market themselves?

DOMITRZ: I’d say the best thing to do is create original content. If you see an article or piece that you like, or piece of news that you like, don’t repurpose that and then put it on your website. Read it yourself, make your own spin and make that appeal to your audience. Give credit to the person who wrote that article, at the same time make it unique for you. And consistency is key. One article a month is not going to do it. You need at least a few times per week, in volume but quality as well. So it’s important for quantity and quality.

BSVP ON-SITE: So, basically there’s a big trade-off between time and money. So how much time should be involved and how much money is involved?

DOMITRZ: So the time involved, as I say, it’s a daunting task. So what I hear from a lot of companies, or a marketer for a small to medium business owner. They have 10 different things that they need to do through the day. Writing a blog is probably at the bottom of their list. So what you essentially have to do is, if you can do the time it takes to write one article per week, great. But sometimes it’s just to face reality and say I need a little bit of help, I need people that to help me produces content at the end of the day.

BSVP ON-SITE: Excellent. And for more information on Brafton where can they go?

DOMITRZ: They can go to

BSVP ON-SITE: This is Bruce Himmelblau with BSVP On-Site


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