BSVP On-Site: YouTube Video Marketing Strategy #3

BSVP On-Site: Video Marketing Strategy #3
Customer Video Testimonials
There are more and more websites that offer customer reviews.
What’s better than you blowing your own horn, is your customer blowing your horn with a testimonial.
Video testimonials have more impact on potential customers than either photos or written text. However, combining video testimonials with photos and written text will increase conversions.

A video review or testimonial gives you a the feeling, voice, inflections of the person giving the testimonial.
It’s super easy to get a testimonial from a satisfied customer. If you don’t have professional video equipment, you can use the video camera on your smart phone.
Just hold the phone about an arms’ length from your customer and have them talk direct into the phone. You only need 10 or 20 second about how great the product or service was, how they found you or why they would recommend you to someone else.

From there, you can upload it directly to your YouTube account or you can download it to your computer and add some editing enhancements to it.

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