BSVP On-Site: Tech – Speed up your transcoding with PrimeTranscoder

BSVP On-Site: Tech – Speed up your transcoding with PrimeTranscoder
Hosted by Sue Lawson, ChicagoEdit
Every time you bring footage into your NLE, you are transcoding.

Merge and Unmerge Clips

One of the greatest features of PrimeTranscoder is the ability to merge files together. Once the clips are merged, you can still see which clips were merged. They can also still be removed or unmerged after they are merged.

There are standard presets for transcoding as well the ability to create custom presets. Users can define multiple transcode setting and locations for export for quick and easy backups.

When setting up the transcode process, you can choose to transcode any valid media file or limit the transcoded format to specific file types, such as AVCHD, Arri Alexa, Adobe Cinema DNG, Sony XDCAM, etc.

PrimeTranscoder, like Imagine Products ShotPut Pro, is a one time fee and not subscription based even though they are continually updating the program.

By clicking on the GPU Acceleration and allowing PrimeTranscoder access to your GPU, you can speed up the transcoding process. But when you have the need for your computer to perform other operations that depend on the GPU, you can turn the option off.

Customized Settings

The program lets you customize your transcode settings including Sizing and Audio.

You can also add timecode burn into the clip. The timecode can be assigned to the clips or merged clips. It can also customer where you want it positioned on the screen. The font color and size can also be customized. Similar to timecode, you can also add a watermark image or text.

Once all options are selected, PrimeTranscoder can show you a preview before the transcode begins.

Another great feature is the ability to apply a LUT before transcoding so that the clips that you send to the client or begin to work with are already color corrected which saves time in processing dailies.

PrimeTranscoder is available for direct download, priced at $699 from

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Producer: Bruce Himmelblau
Host: Sue Lawson
Guest: Michelle Maddox, Imagine Products