BSVP On-Site: Hi Sue Lawson here at NAB 2019. It is my Thursday voice that you’re hearing but it took me that long to get over here to OWC, Other World Computing because the booth was always so packed with people. I was not able to get in, I am able to get in now. Larry O’Connor has gone ahead and kindly made time for us pushed everybody out of the way so we could talk about some of the exciting things that OWC has for us. I will go ahead and congratulate you on the BAM Awards.

OWC: Thank you very much. Thank you for coming by. I’m glad we could make it all work. This is really, really exciting for us it’s for the ThunderBlade. This is a Generation 2 product, you know, the ThunderBlade really took the world by storm last year. I was designed for 4k, 6K editing special effects that anything you know be that that high-capacity SSD high performance of twenty 100MBps they could use for editing and doing real post-production on the road and what it ended up how to say really being a huge immediate is a huge ship for the editing for all that great stuff but where it’s really got great acceptance with the DIT’s of folks that need to do ingest and duplication quick so they can get that get that data off the cameras get that data backed up and protected and get those meaty cars back into circulation the amount of time that product saves or somebody doing production work is immense both on the pre side and the post side and something I had you know no real I mean this was an education for me that word not only saves time but it saves huge straight production costs is on the media cards those media cars are really really expensive and typically they’re only used you know once that’s used for each production run they can’t have you can’t risk having a media card we’re out in the middle of a shoot that and that media card is still could be $1,500, $1,800 but obviously losing a shoot costs a whole heck of a lot more but with the ThunderBlade folks can have fewer media cars because they can turn them quickly more quickly and now with this product in Gen 2 its $3,000 for 8 terabytes which is 40% less than last year.

The 4 terabyte is about $1,800 you know but the cost has come way down the performance is up and more importantly last year you know and we have to acknowledge it and high temperature environments if you’re outside shooting granted, we did in other words to their worth temperature operating specifications on it but the real world is the real world vicious product runs incredibly cool compared to last year. You know there’s no longer an issue when you’re out in 100-degree weather with a hundred cents humidity shooting with this I mean this is designed for work wherever you need to be it can be and we’re really excited about the Gent2 product you know this year got recognized as already noted by IBM which was really really awesome video edge gaze gave it product of the year this is a hot product that runs really really cool but it’s hot because it’s so fast and how much time money and just capability what it saves you and the capability it has is just unparalleled obviously you know I’m very very excited about Thunder blade I mean this thing really a rocks people’s world.

Another application that’s starting to actually pick up another customer base is really buying into this or folks buying new Macs now you have the option to put you know those those high speed SSD to upgrade your flash but going from 2 to 6 to 512 let alone a terabyte or two terabytes and now up to fourth share my screen and in those max is really really expensive and its internal. These drives plug and play. we have Thunderbolt 3. Thunderbolt 3 is amazing technology. We’re really excited been excited since Thunderbolt 3 came out. For what we can now do external on a machine. EGUs, high-speed RAIDs, twenty 100MBps flash drives. But the cost to put a ThunderBlade on your Mac now is a lot less, you know, per gigabyte, per terabyte than it costs upgraded Apple. So you can buy a smaller SSD with the factory system and then you can plug in that stores external and not only do you get the benefit of having your drive independent of the system in case, you know, you need upgrade move change something happen. You’ve got something actually right along those lines they can go with you so it’s another big market you know for us so seen addressing the flashes the future costs continue to come down speeds go up and honestly it’s better spending $2,000 to put a couple terabyte inside your machine you can have poor terabytes external that’s as fast or faster that will go where you need when you need and with any system that you need so it’s a win win win win whether you’re in production or you know just a user that wants you know high-speed flash at home. The cost is coming down.

BSVP On-Site: When is available?

OWC: It’s available right now.

BSVP On-Site: Right now OWC, Other World Computing. If you want to go ahead and go online it’s and they are number one with sales and support. I hear, because you know what, after I bought something I have not needed any support. They are so helpful when it comes to buying that I’m buying the right thing to begin with. So again OWC the ThunderBlade 2.0 is that what we’re calling it?

OWC: 2.0, Gen2

BSVP On-Site: Gen2 just say ThunderBlade.

OWC: Just say fast

BSVP On-Site: Say fast, say OWC and say Larry O’Connor. Sue Lawson here, NAB 2019 we’ve got more coming up.

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