BSVP On-Site Atomos Shogun & Power Station

BSVP On-Site: Tech – Atomos Shogun update from NAB 2015.
Shot on Blackmagic Ursa

There were a lot of new features introduced on the Atomos Shogun at NAB 2015. Sue Lawson talks with Heather Williams on the exhibit floor.

The Shogun was first introduced last year at NAB and began shipping in December 2014. At NAB 2015, Atomos introduced new features on the Shogun & their Power Station. By June 2015, the Shogun should be fully upgraded with all it’s new features.
RAW support was added to enable the Shogun to record RAW from a number of digital cinema cameras, such as the Canon C500, the Sony FS series cameras, ARRI, AJA Cion.

Another update will be the ability to take the RAW signal out of the camera and record it directly to ProRes. By June the Shogun will be able to take the RAW signal and record it to CinemaDMG RAW.

As of April 2015, the Shogun only records up to UHD, Atomos plans to add DCI 4K support by June 2015.

GH4 support with the anamorphic de-squeeze features will be coming soon.

It already features S-log, C-log & V-log. Recently Atomos added the ability to add custom LUTs to the Shogun via cube files. Soon the Shogun will export the 3D LUTs to an external monitor.

It covers you, no matter what camera you’re using or what format you want to record in or how you connect. Whether it’s HD, 4K, HDMI, SDI.

All firmware updates including the RAW support on the Shogun are free.

The Shogun will also be available as a Bare Bones unit for $1,695, which includes just the recorder & AC adaptor for those camera operators who have the accessories from another Atomos product like the Ninja or the Samurai. The price on the full Shogun package is $1995.

Atomos also showed the new Power Station that adds power to multiple products at the same time. You can power your camera, the Shogun or other recorder and a light. Devices are connected either by the AC output or USB ports.

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