BSVP On-Site at NAB 2014 with Jeromy Young, CEO Atomos reveals the new Shogun 4K recorder & monitor for under $2K.

Sue Lawson at NAB 2014 talks with Jeromy Young, CEO at Atomos. The latest announcement in the Atomos line is the Shogun. The Shogun is a 1080 screen and a 4K capable recorder. It can go up to 4K/P30 with up to 120 frames a second in HD. Young thinks that a lot of current productions will be very interested in it. It records to Apple ProRes and Cinema DNG in 4K and also Avid DNxHD in all those flavors in 2K. So, no matter what you’re cutting with, this is a great tool to use.

The Shogun comes with a RAIDed caddy which allows you to put 2 hard drives in, considering the fact the 4K/30P is quite data intensive. Another option is to use a really fast SSD, but it will cost you quite a bit and you’re not going to get that much recording on it. So Atomos has done their rated caddy which holds two 1TB drives for a total of 2TB. To set up, just hit format on the unit and it will RAID the disks. And you will get 2 1/2 hours of 4K for about $120. Which comes to about $50/hour of recording, about the same cost as HD recording. Atomos has broken the barrier to moving to 4K by giving you affordable recording quality. The Shogun comes with 12G-SDI in and out which allows you to future proof as a Japanese cameras come with 12G. The Shogun also has genlock output for studio environments on the back. On one side it has HDMI in and out, headphone plug and remote control. On the other side the Shogun has an XLR audio out of a Lemo breakout connector with 2 channel in and 2 channel out, balanced audio, phantom power and mic. All the audio setting can be easily set up from the screen.

The Shogun also comes with a 2 1/2 hour battery which is currently just one battery on the back. However, Atomos has plans to release a continuous power bar next month which is for all cameras as well as their records. The unit is a bit similar to their dual camera battery system on the Samurai Blade, Ninja Blade, Ninja 2 and the Ronin which all have continuous power. The power bar will attach to the bottom of the Shogun with LED indicators with two DC outputs. One to go into the Shogun, or other recorders, and one to go into the camera. Even if you’re not using Atomos recorders, you can still get continuous power utilizing hot swappable batteries to any camera. This allows you to avoid all the encryption of the of the proprietary batteries and bypass that for any camera.

The Shogun retails for $1995 which is an affordable 4K package for cameras like Sony A7s which Atomos has co-developed with protocols for start/stop triggers and time-code. The big advantage of the Shogun is for those using cameras that record HD internally but pump 4K out of HDMI.

Jeromy projects the Shogun will ship by the end of Q4 2014.

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