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  • WEVA News: SES Chicago – SEO-PR

    In part 1 of this 2 part interview with Byron Gordon from SEO-PR (www.seo-pr.com), he discusses methods used to promote SES 2010 world tour as well as low-cost methods of using video to promote business online. WEVA News covers produces and services that interest the independent videographer worldwide. Sponsored by… Continue reading

  • Increase film sales with Behind the Scenes extras

    Increase film sales with Behind the Scenes extras

    How the movies get made is often times better than the actual movies themselves.

  • Learning from others’ mistakes

    Learning from others’ mistakes

      Not all EPKs or Behind the Scenes videos are done for films. They are also done by corporations to highlight a new ad campaign or to present an inside look at the making of a unique spot. I found one blog article by Brad Schwarzenbach titled, “A Making-Of Video… Continue reading

  • What is an EPK?

    What is an EPK?

    An EPK is also known as an Electronic Press Kit. EPKs can be distributed as a DVD, CD, flash-drive, e-mail or via web sites.They are used mostly for films, music and video games, but they can also be used by corporate America. The most exciting part of producing EPKs for… Continue reading


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